Palos Verdes Art Jury Disclosure

In Palos Verdes Estates, we are blessed with the “Art Jury” (Homeowner’s Association) which is to approve any exterior changes to your home. This is everything from the color of your home to shutters, doors, driveways, rain gutters, fencing — you get the picture. The good news is that it keeps the neighborhood looking nice and not “too far out”. The challenge can be when you sell your home.

A disclosure regarding the “Art Jury” must be given to buyers. Sellers are smart to request a “Certificate of Completion and Compliance” (and pay $150 fee) prior to listing their property. The Palos Verdes Homeowner’s Association will come out and physically inspect the property with rolls of past approved plans in hand. Anything not formally approved by the City – and in addition to the above, I have seen items such as patios, gates, awnings, sheds, windows, playhouse, skylight, etc. – will appear in your letter as non-conforming items.

The City takes photos while at the property and if you submit a formal request (and fees) to the City, they will let you know what is approved and not approved. Most buyers I have dealt with accept these non-conforming items and understand that the City may ask them to come into compliance when the new buyer later goes to the City for future permits/approval. It’s all about disclosure – buyers and sellers both appreciate all known facts being presented so they can make an informed decision.

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