“Oh Well”

My neighbor passed away in her home just two weeks shy of her 102nd birthday. When I think back on the 33 years we “shared a fence”, I cannot remember her ever being stressed about anything. The other neighbors have also commented on this phenomenon. We never saw her angry, upset, tense or worried. She loved everybody. We think this is the secret to her longevity. She was such an inspiration.

At her memorial service, I heard how in response to some “bad” news, she said, “Oh well”. The gentleman giving the eulogy had her mannerisms down perfectly – the cocking of the head to the side, the shrug of the shoulders, the raising of the eyebrows and the words, “Oh well”. I remembered how many times I had actually seen her do this.

“Oh well” is my mantra for this new year. This was put to the test yesterday when an “issue” came up for a client. Instead of jumping into fix mode complete with my adrenalin soaring, I said “Oh well, let me make some calls”. The problem was taken care of without any stress on my part and the client was very grateful. I love it.

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    Beautiful! A most wonderful story and reminder.

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