Tea and Cookie Party


For the last five years, a friend and I have hosted a Tea Party and Cookie Exchange. It is so much fun that we hold it twice a year and each invite 5 other guests. Each guest brings their own tea cup, 12 containers each filled with 6 of their favorite homemade cookies, 12 copies of their cookie recipe, 12 cookies on a serving plate for the tea party and an appetite for really delicious cookies!

We brew exotic teas and then sit down for three hours and enjoy great company and great cookies. We talk, we laugh, we eat (although eating all twelve cookies is not required). It is so relaxing and so much fun! It’s like being on a mini vacation. We all leave with smiles on our faces and are heroes when we return home to our families with a huge bulging bag filled with 12 decorative containers of cookies. My family waits with anticipation as we open each container and they taste the different cookies. Then they negotiate for their favorites.

It has grown to be quite an event with the guest list filled weeks in advance for the next party. Actually 2 of our guests have been to all the Tea Parties and we have had our recipes from the Tea Parties appear in cookbooks. It’s always such an nice group of women and we always learn something new about each other.

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