Happy New Year!


This has been such a “full” year and as it draws to a close I want to share my thoughts on 2008. Even though many of us have experienced some negative impact from the financial issues of our country and the world, I wanted to pass on a comment from my Yoga teacher. “These are first world problems,” she says. She is right. People in other countries would gladly trade places with us. We live in a safe environment, we have comfortable homes, we are warm, we are well fed and really have all our basic needs met.

And so I want to finish off this year in a moment of gratitude for all that I have – radiant health, unlimited love, fabulous family, wonderful friends, lots of laughter, a lively-bustling real estate career with honest/fun/motivated clients, financial security and a beautiful location in which to live and work.

May your New Year be filled with joy and gratitude.

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