High School Choices!

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We are so lucky as homeowners of Palos Verdes real estate that Palos Verdes’ 8th Graders get to choose between two fabulous high schools. At this time, there is open enrollment within the Palos Verdes Peninsula School District as to whether your child goes to Palos Verdes High School or Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. And both were named in U.S. News & World Report’s Top 100 Schools in the United States as well as one of the Top Twelve High Schools in the Los Angeles area in 2008. Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, formerly Rolling Hills High School, was our only high school after the 3 area high schools were rolled into one after declining enrollment in the ’80s. Palos Verdes High was reopened in 2002 when Peninsula High grew to 3,000 students. Currently there 2400 students at Peninsula and 1900 students at PV High.

My son is now in the decision making process and it feels like college recruitment. He shadowed at PV High and decided that was the school for him. He went to the Open House at Peninsula and decided that was the school for him. Now he will be shadowing at Peninsula and going to the PV High Open House. Both schools are so good that he is actually having a difficult time deciding. PV High has an API Score of 853 and Peninsula High has a score of 879. Palos Verdes High has the block system which is 3 2-hour classes per day (more in line with college) and Peninsula High has the traditional classes.

A decision must be made by February 20th – that’s less three weeks away.

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