And The Winner Is…..


After a public vote – winning with 50% of the vote – the new name for The Avenue (of the Peninsula), our shopping center, is Promenade (on the Peninsula).

Why was the name changed? At a recent meeting, Elizabeth Griggs, General Manager of Stoltz Management Company, the new owners of the shopping center, explained the prior owner had branded “The Avenues” at all their national locations. Part of the Stoltz agreement to purchase the center required a name change within two years.

Ms. Griggs also laid out their plans for the Promenade.

  • The flow from the parking lot will be enhanced to make it easier to reach all levels of the center.
  • There will be new greenery/screening to soften the “edges” of the structure.
  • The corners at Crossfield and Drybanks will be reworked with possible store access from the streets and maybe a new cafe.
  • Stroller/wheelchair access will be increased to upper levels.
  • A permanent stage area may be built on the east side of the fountains.
  • More comfortable seating areas will be added.
  • A community room on the second floor near Borders may be used for community meetings.
  • The third floor will have professional services like doctors, dentists, etc.
  • Stoltz is proposing residential units to be built above the strip of stores near the parking lot.

Stoltz Management is hoping to attract more business to the center with these changes. Let’s assure its success by shopping, dining, ice skating, going to the movies etc. at our own center, the Promenade.

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One thought on “And The Winner Is…..”

  • Kelly Evans

    do you think anyone really noticed the name change? I’m glad you made note of it for my sake. I checked the signs the other day when I was up there to see the change. Wouldn’t have noticed otherwise though
    great site.

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