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Palos Verdes Art Center is open to all, not just owners of Palos Verdes real estate. Palos Verdes Art Center is a non-profit community arts organization that provides art classes for children and adults of all ability levels. The next group of classes begin July 6, 2009 and finish August 29, 2009. Art Center provides classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, photography, digital arts, art history and more. Terms begin in January, April, July and September.

Palos Verdes Art Center’s 3 galleries are open to the public and feature both local and significant artists. Art Center also supports the Art At Your Fingertips program that is offered in the Palos Verdes Elementary Schools with the assistance of parent volunteers. The Art Center awards scholarships to artists of any age, residing or formerly residing within 25 miles of the Palos Verdes Art Center. Art Center also has a program called Special Mornings for developmentally disabled youth and young adults.

We are so lucky to have such a great resource so close to us that we can enjoy. If you have never been to Palos Verdes Art Center, I recommend you stroll through the galleries or peek into some classes in session. It is very inspiring. Palos Verdes Art Center is located at 5504 W. Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes. l

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One thought on “Palos Verdes Art Center”

  • Kelly Evans

    Hi Elaine,
    We don’t live in Palos Verdes and we took some great kids summer art classes at the PV Art Center last year. Love that place!

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