Financial/Mortgage Update

In the last six weeks interest rates for Palos Verdes real estate have remained fairly steady. The interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage going down 1/4 point to 4.75% for a conforming loan and remaining at 5.785% for a jumbo loan. A 5/1 Year ARM is 3.75% for a conforming loan and 5.125% for jumbo loans. A 5/1 Interest Only conforming loan has a 3.75% interest rate and a jumbo loan has a 5.25% interest rate.

Demand is up for U.S. Treasury Bonds. Yesterday there was 3 times as much demand compared to supply for sales of 2-year Treasury notes (investors bidding at 1.035%) . Interest rates for home mortgages have remained low. Conventional wisdom says that when bond rates go up, interest rates usually go down but at this time both are fairly low which is a mixed signal. These are interesting times.

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