Palos Verdes API Scores



 Palos Verdes Schools again had API (Academic Performance Index) scores above 900 for the 2008-2009 school year. The district had an overall score of 908 which was up from the 2007/2008 base of 901.

The 10 elementary schools all scored well above 900 with Cornerstone receiving the highest score of 966. The 3 middle schools scored between 897 and 947 with Palos Verdes Intermediate scoring the highest at 947. The 2 high schools scored 886 for Peninsula High School and 864 for Palos Verdes High. A complete list of school scores can be accessed by clicking here.

Attending the Parent’s Back To School Night for my son who is a freshman at Palos Verdes High was very revealing. The classes were exciting and very demanding and way beyond what my husband and I learned in high school.

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