“Please Don’t Feed The Peafowl!”

This request comes from the City of Palos Verdes Estates as they try to manage the peacocks in Malaga Cove and the Espinosa Circle area of Lunada Bay.  The City traps (and relocates) peafowl that wander out of those area.  They also do a headcount twice a year and if there are too many (as there are no natural predators), they relocate some of the peacocks out of the area.

The peacocks are beautiful to look at but I  have heard stories of peacocks sitting on cars, screeching at all hours and generally being a nuisance in numbers.  The City of Palos Verdes Estates encourages resident ” to allow the peafowl to to live in their environment with minimal human contact or interference.  Specifically, residents are urged not to feed the peafowl.  They do not require artificial feeding and survive quite well on food found naturally in their environment such as domestics plants, berries, and insects.”  If residents outside the peafowl area feed them, the peacocks will be lured out of their designated areas making it more difficult for the City’s peafowl management program.

There are generally peacocks waiting for relocation in cages just off Palos Verdes Drive West to the right of the Fire Station (if you want to take a peek).  If you have questions regarding the peafowl, you may contact Captain Mark Velez at 310-378-4211.

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