Is Trader Joe’s Open Yet?

We have been patiently and excitedly waiting for our new Trader Joe’s in Palos Verdes.  It was to be open in early 2010.  This feels like early 2010.  And yet, when I drive by it doesn’t look ready.  Last month, I called Trader Joe’s headquarters and was told to keep checking their website under “Store Locations”.  It now has the store listed with hours (9 to 9) and a phone number (310-541-1727) so the opening looks closer than last month.

I also checked the Rancho Palos Verdes city website and there was not any new information for the Trader Joe’s opening other than “open in early 2010”.  There was an opportunity to join a “Listserve” to receive new information about Trader Joe’s and, of course, I signed up.

Currently, there is work being done in the parking lot and it looks like finish work on the exterior of the building.  But still my question remains – When will our new Palos Verdes Trader Joe’s be open?  I am ready!

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One thought on “Is Trader Joe’s Open Yet?”

  • Anonymous

    I just drove by tonight (Tuesday 3/23) and I saw shopping carts!

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