Terranea Resort – A Year Later

Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes 90275

Not only were owners of Palos Verdes real estate eagerly awaiting the opening of our first hotel, Terranea, which is a world class resort, but most area residents were curious about the building on the old Marineland site which I chronicled on this blog.  Over a year has passed since the grand opening and I have only had fabulous experiences at Terranea.

As a guest at a Terrenea casitas looking out at the ocean, bays and coves, I could imagine myself in Hawaii, Italy or the south of France – no need to get on an airplane.  As a matter of fact, a friend with 4 preschoolers decided not to get on a plane with the little ones and changed her plans from Hawaii to Terranea.  The accommodations at Terranea were deluxe and the stay relaxing.

I have dined at 4 of the 7 Terranea Restuarants.  Dinners at Mar’sel have been fabulous.  The food is delicious and the view is unbeatable.  I love their beet salad!  Lunches at Catalina Kitchen have also be delicious and I love their chocolate cake and the outdoor seating – it’s all about the views.  I had one lunch at Terranea Grill which was just okay – I am not moved to return.  I have also enjoyed the Sea Bean for salad, sandwiches, gelato and desserts.  I am still waiting for Terranea to offer high tea service in the afternoons.

I have not yet enjoyed the Spa but plan to do so this Fall.  Non-Resort Guests can use the Spa facilities including the pool on Monday – Thursday for a $40 fee.  On weekends non-resort guests can access the Spa area with the purchase of a spa treatment (click here for more info).   I am eyeing their “Recover From Summer Spa Sampler” which includes two treatments (choose from 30 minute facial, 30 minute massage and/or 45 minute spa pedicure) for $150 Monday thru Thursday until October 15, 2010.

Terranea Resort cove, Palos Verdes 90275

I have both given and received Terranea Gift Cards which can be used for food, hotel stays, spa treatments, golf, and merchandise.  It really is the perfect gift.  There are public walking trails along the bluff and down to the beach.  There is also public parking just to the left as you enter the resort property.  During my many visits, it appears that everyone is welcomed at the property.  The staff is very gracious whether you are coming to dine or to walk along the bluff.

Photos courtesy of Terranea Resort and Arvin Design

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