365 Things To Do In Palos Verdes – Surfing Our Local Bays


Palos Verdes unique coastline with all its bays and coves makes for some great surfing spots.  Both of my children’s friends surf and even they do not know where all the surf breaks are. In an issue of the Palos Verdes Bulletin, an article entitle “Surf Mecca” described the history of surfing in Palos Verdes and went on to name the surf breaks – Avalanche, Boneyard, Charlie’s, Christmas Tree, Cove, Dominator, Exile’s, Indicator, Haggarty’s, Longs, Lower’s, Lunada Bay, Middle’s, Pinnacle, Pipe’s, Rat Beach, Rat Point, Ski Jump, TA’s (Tom Anderson), Turbo’s and Wally’s.

The article identifies Ski Jump and Boneyard as being located at Bluff Cove. “Bluff Cove was the first to be regularly surfed followed by Haggarty’s and Lunada Bay.” A few of the breaks are shown on the map provided by Matt Waters at Rancho Palos Verdes Parks and Recreation Department and can be accessed by clicking here to view my prior post on Bays and Coves.

Surfing is big in Palos Verdes; both our high schools have surf teams and several world class surfers came from this area. I could not find all the breaks mentioned above for my son’s friends (although they know quite a few) so it will be like a treasure hunt for them to identify and surf them all.  Today was a great day for surfing with tons of surfers following from Rat Beach earlier in the day, to the cove with its sundown lighting this evening.

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