365 Things To Do In Palos Verdes – Visit the Lunada Bay Fountain

Just this past week, the beautiful fountain called the Snelgrove Memorial Fountain located in Lunada Bay in the median of Yarmouth and Palos Verdes Drive West in Palos Verdes Estates, was once again getting a little face lift.  This time it was re-landscaped to bring out the beauty of its prime location.  Ever since its newly refurbished look (which was dedicated in December of 2008), the fountain seems to be bringing new life to the community.  Once just a simple fountain sitting in the middle of the road, now curious passersby are actually getting out and reading the plaque which is located at the fountain and reads “Fuente de los ninos” (the fountain of the children).  It was dedicated to the memory of G. Brooks Snelgrove on May 22, 1965 and was a gift from about 250 neighborhood children.  The names of the children who contributed to the fountain are embedded in the fountain behind the memorial plaque.  Mr. Snelgrove was very active in the community affairs.  He was the original engineer for the Palos Verdes Project in 1923 and is remembered  for his part in the Malaga Cove Plaza Neptune Fountain.

In the 70’s the original plaster work was deteriorating and a resident donated tile to hide the plaster.  In 2008, the fountain underwent a complete refurbishment bringing in the elements that had been in the original design, but not originally constructed.  At this time not only was the fountain refurbished, but also the new water features and lights were added which add a shimmering effect to the fountain. This work was able to be done due to Marcia Allen’s fundraising efforts working with the Lunada Bay Homeowners Association.  No matter what the season, this brightly colored work of art seems magical as it shines in the evening darkness. 

Photo courtesy of Lunada Bay Homeowners Association

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