Have You Updated Your Insurance?

Are your insurance policies current?  Our lives continually change and we often forget to change our insurance policies.  For example, have you done extensive renovations to your Palos Verdes home?  Have you acquired new valuables?  Below is a list of ten questions to ask yourself (courtesy of RIS Media and Lowes):

  1. Have you gotten married or divorced?
  2. Have you had a baby?
  3. Did your teenager get a driver’s license?
  4. Have you switched jobs or experienced a significant change in your income?
  5. Have you done extensive renovations on your home?
  6. Have you decided to buy a vacation or potential retirement home?
  7. Have you acquired any new valuables such as jewelry, electronic equipment, fine art, antiques?
  8. Have you signed a lease on a house or apartment?
  9. Have you joined a carpool?
  10. Have you retired?

For specifics on how these items may affect you, click here.

Photo courtesy of Lowes

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