Declutter Your Home – Declutter Your Life

I am sure you have read those words before and it is really true.  My clients who are selling their Palos Verdes homes usually go through a process of decluttering and staging their home before putting it on the market and I often hear, “I wish I did that before; my house looks so good and I feel so liberated!”  I have taken that to heart and have gone through my own home and put some of those “treasures” away in boxes.

However, I still have an issue with my clothes.  I did read a helpful tip – Every time you bring in a new piece of apparel/shoes, donate one of your existing pieces.  That has been helpful as I have not added to my closet but still need to reduce.  I just read another inspiring idea from Deniece Schofield on RIS Media (click here to read article).  Deniece recommends, “Start by hanging all the clothes in your closet backward, so the hanger hook is facing you. When you wear an item and hang it back up, turn the hanger the right way.  Give yourself a year, and then go through your closet. If the hook is backward, you know at a glance you haven’t worn that garment in 12 months. It’s a good candidate for culling.”  Genius!

Photo courtesy of  Lowes

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