Do QR Codes Sell Homes?

QR Code for 7516 Dunfield Avenue, Westchester, CA 90045

Marketing Palos Verdes homes will look a little different with the introduction of QR Codes (quick response codes).  I am sure you have seen the above squares in print ads and on store shelves.  Now they are being used to sell Palos Verdes houses too.

I have used the above QR code on a “For Sale” sign and it will also be used for print advertising.  So how does this work?  Many buyers have QR readers on their smart phone (I use NEO Reader).  They point their phone at the QR code and it links them to the property website.  The buyer can not only see the price, description and photos of the property but also school information and any upcoming open houses scheduled.

Think of it – A buyer drives by the home, sees the “For Sale” sale with the QR code, takes out their phone, opens the QR code reader, points their phone at the sign and the property website with all the specifics pops up on their phone!

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