Selling Your Home? Safety First.

When owners of Palos Verdes real estate put their homes on the market to sell, there are some recommendations to make it a safe experience.  I tell my clients who are selling their Palos Verdes homes to remove all valuables, prescriptions and financial data during open houses and showings.  It is impossible for Realtors to keep an eye on every room and, as a matter of fact, dishonest guests usually come in large groups and purposely distract the Realtor.

Last month, Lew Sichelman wrote an article in the LA Times entitled, “Play it safe when you show your home”.  Here is what he recommended along with some of my own comments:

  • Trust your instincts – Listen to your intuition and if someone makes you uncomfortable, be alert and extremely careful.
  • Do not let strangers into your home – A potential prospect or even if they identify themselves as an agent, should not be allowed into the house without an appointment.
  • I also like agents to actually use the lockbox to enter your home as I then have a record of the agent’s name and time the lockbox was opened.  It is easy to print up fake business cards but only agents will have a lockbox key.
  • Direct all inquiries to your agent whether a phone call, letter or knock at your door.
  • In advance of open houses or scheduled showings, remove valuables including artwork and electronic equipment (ipads and laptops also), prescription drugs, bank statements and other financial information, credit cards and keys.  Make a list of these items ahead of time and use it like a checklist before showings.
  • Be mindful of someone asking who is asking personal questions; for example about you or your family’s schedule.  The less said the better.

As Realtors, we occasionally receive alerts regarding suspicious groups that are going through open houses.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.  Palos Verdes homes owners who take extra precaution will have a better outcome.

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