What’s My Palos Verdes Homes Really Worth?

What's My Home Really Worth

Have you wondered about that little box on the left-hand side entitled “What’s My Home Really Worth?” Palos Verdes homes owners have asked for a reliable site to determine their home’s value.  Palos Verdes real estate value can best be determined by paying for a formal appraisal or contacting your real estate agent for a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA).  But what if you are not going to sell your home but are just curious or are doing some financial planning?

I installed a link at the top left-hand side of this site under my photo; it is a handy widget appropriately called “What’s My Home Really Worth?” which I invite you to use.  It is more accurate than most other sites as it uses data directly from the Multiple Listing Service which other sites cannot access.  However, it is still raw data and does not take into account condition of home, type of sale, etc.  When you are ready to sell your home, a Realtor is still best able to give you the most accurate price as they understand neighborhoods, location, market nuances, specific demand for different price point and features, etc. — but just in case you are curious, have a look!

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