Palos Verdes Cities 2016 Update

Palos Verdes Cities 2016 Update

Photo of Malaga Cove Plaza courtesy of Arvin Design

I always look forward to hearing the Palos Verdes Peninsula City Managers at our Palos Verdes Real Estate Board Breakfast Meeting with presentations from the City Managers from all 4 cities on the Peninsula – Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills.  This is a great opportunity to learn what is happening in Palos Verdes.  Last week, the City Managers gave us the following updates:

Rolling Hills – Raymond R. Cruz, City Manager, gave the following update:

  • Developement in this 3 square mile city has increased with permits doubling in the last 4 years.
  • There has been a “boon” in permits for barns and infinity pools.
  • They are working with issues on tree and view disputes.
  • Must underground utilities if add as little as one square inch of space to existing home.
  • Will be constructing new dedicated left turn lanes at intersection of Palos Verdes Drive North and Portuguese Bend intersection.
  • Not one burglary since early 2015.
  • 45 license plate reading cameras have or are being installed over the Palos Verdes Peninsula with one camera. at each of their three guard gated city entrances.

Rolling Hills Estates – Douglas R. Prichard, City Manager, gave the following update:

  • The city is celebrating its 60th Anniversary.
  • They are working with the State Fish & Wildlife Program to assist residents in deterring coyotes from neighborhoods.
  • Updated construction projects –
  • – 627 Deep Valley Drive – 58 condos and 5800 sq ft commercial scheduled for completion next year.
  • – 927 Deep Valley Drive – 75 condos and 2000 sq ft commercial in plan check.
  • – Brick Walk – working with owner to restore slope.
  • – Residential Care facilities proposed at Peninsula Point (102 bed facility) and Mira Gardens (114 bed facility  near Library.
  • – Butcher Ranch/Casaba – last 5 homes nearing completion.
  • – Chandler Ranch/Rolling Hills Country Club will begin construction late 2016 on 114 single family homes and new 60,000 sq ft Clubhouse (scheduled to reopen late 2017).
  • – 5883 Crest (at Highridge) – two 3000 sq ft homes under review.
  • – Peninsula Shopping Center – Orchard Supply coming soon in old Cox Communications site.
  • – Palos Verdes Resevoir – Department of Water & Power redoing and then filling with water again.

Palos Verdes Estates – Tony Dahlerbruch, City Manager, gave the following update:

  • Making Improvements to Malage Cove Plaza and Lunada Plaza.
  • Using Park Funds to improve parklands.
  • Live streaming city council, planning and parkland meetings.
  • They have a Citizen Academy Program – 25 person class with hands on learning of various city departments.
  • Posting City information on Facebook and NextDoor sites.
  • Removing Lunada Bay patio at shoreline by end of year.
  • June 2017 fire service parcel tax expires; renewal may be on March 2017 ballot.
  • Triangle median near Malaga Cove Plaza will be re-landscaped with drought sensitie plants.
  • Cell reception should improve as new tower requests are under review.

Rancho Palos Verdes – Gabriella Yap, Deputy City Manager, gave the following update:

  • License Plate Camera Readers alerts the Sheriff’s Department and Palos Verdes Estates Police to stolen vehicles.  Putting more cameras on East side/Western Avenue as there are additional entry points there.
  • Last year added 2 more Sheriffs and 1 Detective.
  • Redid traffic median on Hawthorne Boulevard.
  • Homeowner’s responsibility for upkeep of walls along public property (recently assessed 300 homes).
  • Synchronizing traffic signals along Hawthorne Boulevard,
  • Added more Planners in the Building Department.
  • Terranea Resort updates: Catalina Kitchen closed for remodeling until December 8. and repairing coastal trail.
  • SolYMar is a 55+ condo facility in 18 buildings to be completed August 2018
  • Peafowl trapping and relocating – 46 to date and goal is 150.
  • Hesse Park will get another $200,000 in improvements

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Photo of Malaga Cove Plaza courtesy of Arvin Design

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