Palos Verdes Real Estate Area MLS # 173 – Los Verdes

Palos Verdes real estate area #173 is known as Los Verdes and is located in the city of Rancho Palos Verdes. Multiple listing Service Area 173 is mostly composed of track homes on the west side of Hawthorne Blvd, and is bordered by Palos Verdes Estates to the north and west and Hesse Park to the south.

This MLS area is home to Vista Grande Elementary School, and Hesse Park.  Hesse Park is one of the favorite parks on the Peninsula.  It houses a large community center which is used for not only the Senior Citizen lecture series, and summer concerts in the park, but is also the registration and game site and for many of our local sports teams.  This facility has multiple rooms that are available for public use. This park is well manicured with the upper level home to baseball and soccer fields, and a large picnic area with barbecues. It has a large playground area that has not only great equipment for older children, but also a great facility for toddlers.  On the lower level there is a sand volleyball court and also more picnic areas.  The park has great walking paths.  As you stroll along, you can take in the ocean and Catalina views.

Currently there are 13 single family homes for sale in this area.  They range from $695,000 for a 4 bedroom/2 bath, 1,834 square foot home, to $1,449,000 for a 5 bedroom/4 bath, 2,788 square foot single family residence.

Photo courtesy of the City of Rancho Palos Verdes

2010 Home Sales by Neighborhood

Palos Verdes 2010 Real Estate Sales by Neighborhood for 90274 and 903275

Sales by neighborhood for Palos Verdes real estate detail an average price range of over $1,000,000 for 13 out of 17 areas; only 4 areas were below $1,000,000.  Single family Palos Verdes homes showed an increase in average sales price in 9 areas ranging from .8% in Lunada Bay to 46.4% in West Palos Verdes.  Rolling Hills posted the largest decrease in average sales price of 21.6%.

Lunada Bay had the largest number of Palos Verdes homes sold (61) and West Palos Verdes had the smallest number of homes sold (12).  West Palos Verdes also had the highest average sales price at $2,436,667 for Palos Verdes homes sold.   The higest average square foot price for Palos Verdes homes sold was in Los Verdes at $685 per square foot and the lowest was in Eastview RPV at $392 per square foot.

The average price for single family Palos Verdes homes sold in 2010 was $1,441,118 which was 3.6% higher than 2009.  The average price per square foot for Palos Verdes homes sold was $496 per square foot which was 2% lower than 2009.  A better view of the above chart can be seen by clicking here or on the “Statistics ” tab above.