Speed Limit Changes in Palos Verdes?


Do you know what the speed limit is on Palos Verdes Estates city streets? It seems there are changes in the air. According to the Peninsula News, the city of Palos Verdes Estates has completed a recent survey of several streets (the last review was in 2002). “The process for setting speed limits is regulated by the California Vehicle Code, or CVS, according to a staff report. The CVS requires that the city perform an engineering and traffic survey and periodically readopt speed limits for each street where the city wants to use radar enforcement, according to city officials.”

As I read it, we will be having increased radar enforcement. The speed limit will be raised on 3 roads and lowered on one road. The speed limit on Palos Verdes Boulevard at the city’s entrance from Torrance will be raised from 30 to 35 mph. The speed limit on Granvia Altamira from the PVE city limit to Via Fernandez will be raised from 25 to 35 mph. The speed limit on Paseo del Mar from Via Arroyo to Palos Verdes Drive West will be increased from 30 to 35 mph. Finally, the speed limit on Palos Verdes Drive West going to and from the Rancho Palos Verdes city limit will be decreased from 35 to 30 mph.

A police officer gave me some sage advice. It’s the 15-25-65 rule. Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in an alley is 15 mph; the speed limit on city streets is 25 mph; and the speed limit on highways/freeways is 65 mph. You can read the entire Peninsula News article by clicking on this link.

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