City Managers Update


Earlier this week, I heard the City Managers from all 4 cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula speak at the Palos Verdes Peninsula Association of Realtors meeting. Here is a synopsis of their update:

Joseph Hoefgen, City Manager of Palos Verdes Estates, told us that the PV Dr West stabilization near Bluff Cove begins in a couple of weeks and should be complete in January 2010.  The Golf Club has a shorter wait list (now 160 down from 200).  Both the Tennis Club and Stables have vacancies and the Beach Club has “many years” wait list.  Two sewer pump stations in Lunada Bay will be replaced. The city is redoing their website.  54% of the city budget comes from property taxes.

Tony Dahlerbruch, City Manager of Rolling Hills,  spoke of lessons learned from the recent fire.  Residents need a plan for evacuation for themselves and their horses and decide what to do if they can’t get back into the city in an emergency situation (Rolling Hills closed all 3 gates during the recent fire).  As Rolling Hills is in a “very high severity fire zone”, residents must have a 200 foot clearance ar0und their homes and must clear their own canyons.  The city is also looking at a low pressure sewer system (presently 99% of city is on septic).

Sam Weiss, Assistant Manager for Rolling Hills Estates,  told us there is a draft Environmental Impact Report for the Chandler Quarry (to be filled in and 100-200 houses built)/Rolling Hills Country Club (building moved) project.  All commercial property must be landscaped during the interim planning submission period and not left with the green fencing.  29,000 square foot medical office condo project was approved at Silver Spur and Beachgate.  A 5 foot bike lane (on both sides of the street) will be installed on Palos Verdes Drive North from Crenshaw west to the city border.   The Festival of Lights will be on December 5, 2009.

Carolyn Lehr, City Manager of Rancho Palos Verdes, announced that 160 acres of land had been purchased from York/Long Point and included into the Land Conservancy area.   The Annenberg Foundation will pay for parking lot improvements at Point Vicente Interpretive Center and has proposed an adjoining Educational Facility.  Trader Joes is building an 11,000 square foot store at Golden Cove scheduled to be open  in February 2010.   Grading should begin in November 2010 on the 34-unit Affordable Housing Complex (62 years and older) at Crestridge and Crenshaw.

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