Buzzing Bees in Palos Verdes

Honeybees in Palos Verdes by Thomas Underhill, Peninsula News

Owners of Palos Verdes real estate have mixed feelings about bees.  Some appreciate the great job the bees do in pollinating our home gardens while others are afraid of bees.  Well, how would you feel about a beehive in your attic?  According to the Peninsula News, one resident, Donna Tarr,  had a hive of 15,000 honeybees in her attic and a decision to make.

According to the Peninsula News, the resident “called Walter of Backyard Bees to relocate the hive for two reasons – because she knew their importance and she didn’t want an exterminator filling her home with poisons and leaving honeycombs, which never spoil, sitting in her attic, possibly attracting mice.”  Also, honeybees have been experiencing challenges in nature and their population has dipped so saving a hive is advantageous to all of us. 

Relocating the hive was a project.   “it took Walter several hours and a trip to Home Depot to extract the colony.  He had to make a hole in the wall to get to the bees, and put tarps up so none of the bees would escape, Tarr said.  He had to take the honeycomb out carefully and meticulously, and then he had frames with screens to put each honeycomb (within) it, she said. “It fit like slots and he easily carried them away.”

Kudos to Donna Tarr for finding a creative, natural way to solve this problem.  I will look at honeybees differently now, acknowledging their contribution (honeybees are directly responsible for one-third of the food we eat according to Walter) and recognizing that according to Walter, honeybees are really gentle animals.  Click here to read entire article.  Click here to see additional photos.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Underhill, Peninsula News

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  • Mary McPherson

    Loved this article about the “Buzzing Bees in Palos Verdes.” Very Informative! Cheers to Donna Tarr, PV resident, for having the bees removed humanely and helping the environment and to Elaine Carlson, Remax Real Estate Agent, for spreading the word even further.

  • yoga doll

    Congratulations! We call this a Yoga Miracle!!!

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