365 Things To Do In Palos Verdes – Identify Former Marineland Attractions


Marineland Of The Pacific, Rancho Palos Verdes 90275 in 1987

On my first visit to the completed Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula  last year, I thought it would be interesting to figure out where the former Marineland attractions sat in relation to the current Terranea Resort property.  As part of the Marineland Reunion at Terranea last weekend, there was a Self-Guided Walk (see below) to do just that.

Marineland overview on Terranea

Here is a little history about Marineland.  When it opened in 1954, it was the largest oceanarium in the world.  Most of the undersea life was displayed in huge tanks.  It was home to Corky, Orky and Bubbles, the whale.  Marineland was purchased in 1986 by the owners of Sea World and then immediately closed.

Terranea Resort is located at 100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 (for navigation systems enter 6610 Palos Verdes Drive South).  There are 7 different restaurants at Terranea to enjoy while you are walking about.

Map and postcard courtesy of Terranea Resort

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