365 Things To Do In Palos Verdes – Walk the Stein/Hale Nature Trail

Stein/Hale Nature Trail, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

The Stein/Hale Nature Trail and the Nature Center are part of the George F. Canyon Nature Park and Preserve in Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274.  This area of wilderness is one of the most beautiful and attainable canyons on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  The great thing about this preserve is that you can walk it or even ride horseback through Willow-Riparian and Coastal Sage Scrub habitats. 

The Willow-Riparian Habitat is a space where you can see how wildlife and people merge together.  The different plant species, along with the natural layout of the land help support wildlife in these areas.  The Willow-Riparian Habitat got its name because of the willow trees which dominate this area.  Be careful, however, and do not go too far off the designated areas of the walk.  Along the stream bed and trail edges, poison oak is waiting if you to come too close.  Even a slight brush against it can cause a rash that will make you miserable for days. 

As you walk to the Bird Observation Deck you can find migratory birds that visit at different times of the year, and look around and notice the various trees that have made this area their home.  Next, you will come to the Quarter Mile Bridge with a view of the creek (at different times of the year you may see orange colored water running down it).  And keep your eyes open for animal life – look for prints left by the local animal residents.  When you round the bend you will come upon the Coastal Sage Scrub plant community which consists of low shrubs and native plants that are drought tolerant and the smell of sage fills the air.  This is a great walk for the entire family!

You can also go on a guided Nature Walk the first Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  A $3 donation is requested.  For more information contact (310) 547-0862.

Map courtesy of the Palos Verdes Nature Center

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