What Are Buyers Looking For?

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When searching for Palos Verdes real estate, buyers are usually motivated by our excellent school district, beautiful location and moderate weather.  When it comes down to to choosing  specific Palos Verdes homes, what do buyers want?

Realtor Magazine had a recent article which answered that question in general.  I will give you their opinion with notes about Palos Verdes homes.

  1. Homes that are in good condition.  Palos Verdes buyers seem to prefer either homes in good condition or fixers; the market is slower for homes in between.
  2. A bargain with incentives– short sales/foreclosures in pristine condition or with incentives.  Palos Verdes real estate is not experiencing a high number of distressed properties and the few we have are selling “as is”.
  3. Outdoor living areas.  Palos Verdes home buyers are looking for the same – outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.
  4. Open kitchens.  This is also high on the list for Palos Verdes homes buyers.

Other items mentioned in a Bankrate.com article are: energy efficiency/green homes(I see only a mild interest in Palos Verdes home buyers), homes made of natural materialslike stone and wood (Palos Verdes home buyers would also agree), smaller homes(I have not seen this trend with Palos Verdes home buyers yet) and touches of luxuryan example was coffee bars/refrigerators in master bedrooms (Palos Verdes home buyers also enjoy these features).   The bottom line for buyers is still location and price – a well priced Palos Verdes home always sells.

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