Increasing Your Home’s Resale Value

When selling Palos Verdes houses, owners usually take a few weeks (or sometimes even months) to get their home ready for market.  What are some inexpensive do-it-yourself projects that will yield high returns?  There is the obvious decluttering that is so important yet sometimes challenging.

Realtor Magazine recently listed the top do-it-yourself projects with the highest return.  I have added some of my own comments and suggestions.

1. Cleaning and Decluttering – This is a great time to pack up all your little “treasures” for your move.  Also, think about traffic flow in your home (how the buyers will be walking through it) and maybe move some of your furniture out to the garage.  Also, check your walls which may need to be cleaned or have the paint touched up.

2. Staging – This can be as simple as rearranging furniture, updating accessories and perhaps having soothing music playing in the background.  Turning on the lights for showings is also beneficial.

3. Brightening – Anything that will bring ambient light into the home is helpful – washing windows, replacing old curtains (or removing them), replacing old light fixtures.

4. Landscaping – Curb appeal is so important as it is the buyer’s first impression of your home. Walk out to the street and take a look at your home.  Do you have bushes or trees that need to be trimmed?  Is the grass nice and green?  If you need some color, plant flowers as soon as possible so they can mature a bit before your home goes on the market.

5. Electrical or Plumbing Repair – Fix any leaky sinks or toilets that keep running.  You may want to update electrical outlets and/or old light fixtures.  Replace burnt out light bulbs and make sure all light fixtures work.

6. Replace or Shampoo Dirty Carpets – If carpets are really worn, I would recommend replacing them with a neutral colored carpet.  Otherwise, shampooing the carpets usually will suffice.

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