Palos Verdes Cornerstone & Rancho Vista Schools Lottery Open

Palos Verdes Cornerstone & Rancho Vista Schools Lottery Open


Palos Verdes homes owners who are interested in enrolling their children in Cornerstone or Rancho Vista Elementary Schools must submit their applications no later than 4:00 p.m. on February 27, 2015.  The application system which opened on February 2nd for these two schools, has a randomized database which provides a lottery system.  These schools operate differently than the other elementary schools in Palos Verdes because they are a Parent Participation Model (charter school).  Parents commit time, energy, skills and passion to assist and organize supporting activities that expand curriculum and learning.

Cornerstone is solely a choice school, which means it is not a home based school which is dependent on the student living in the immediate area.  To be entered in the lottery, a K-5 Intradistrict Transfer Application and Cornerstone’s Letter of Intent must be signed and submitted for each new, incoming student.  These documents can be downloaded on the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District website at

Rancho Vista Elementary is not only a choice school, but also a home based school.  If you reside within the boundary, you will be directed to that campus without special application.  However, if you are not living within the boundary, you will be required to apply with a K-5 Intradistrict Transfer Application.

Parents who have specifically applied to these schools will be notified of their child’s enrollment status in the Spring.

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