Palos Verdes Estates (Part 2 of 5)


Palos Verdes Estates was the first city on the Peninsula to incorporate in 1939. The city has 4.5 miles of coastline. Twenty-eight percent of city land is permanently deeded as parkland and maintained as dedicated open space. According to Palos Verdes Estates Resident Handbook, the population in the year 2000 was approximately 13,572.

Most homes are custom built and one can only find multiple housing in the Malaga Cove and Lunada Bay areas. Palos Verdes Estates has a Homeowner’s Association (known as the Art Jury) which approves the architectural and design aspects of each home even the color of paint (see my Palos Verdes Art Jury Disclosure post dated 1-6-08). There are no street lights (better for stargazing), traffic lights (stop signs only) and minimal amount of sidewalks.

Current real estate prices for single family residences are between $1,099,000 (for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,962 square foot home) and $12,990,000 (for a 7 bedroom, 8.5 bath, 18,227 square foot home) with 56 active listings. The least expensive townhome of the 4 active listings is $599,000 (for a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1,258 square foot townhome).


Palos Verdes Estates has 2 shopping/commerce areas each with a market, restaurants and shops – one in Malaga Cove (photo above) and one in Lunada Bay. The Library, Palos Verdes Police Department, Fire Department and City Offices are located in Malaga Cove. Palos Verdes Golf Club (top photo), Palos Verdes Beach & Athletic Club (310-375-8777), Palos Verdes Stables (310-375-9322), Palos Verdes Tennis Club, and La Venta Inn (events only) are located within the 4.75 square miles that makes up Palos Verdes Estates.

Every Fourth of July an all-day celebration is held at the former Malaga Cove Intermediate School. Concerts in the Park are held every Wednesday in July and August in the park next to Malaga Cove Library.

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