Bluff Cove Road Repairs


Palos Verdes Estates City Council recently reviewed completed reports on the slow, yet consistent, land movement at the north end of Bluff Cove, located at Palos Verdes Drive West near Via Montemar” reported the June 12th Peninsula News. I have noticed the red pylons decorating the road for months.

During his presentation at an April Board of Realtors Meeting, Joe Hoefgen, City Manager for Palos Verdes Estates, told us the the earth near Bluff Cove was moving about 6 inches per year. He also acknowledged Palos Verdes Drive West as being a main traffic artery for our community with 17,000 cars a day passing the Bluff Cove area. That is a lot of cars! When you consider Palos Verdes High School and Palos Verdes Intermediate School students travelling back and forth (and parents’ carpools which would travel up and back twice) as well as the residents driving off the Peninsula to their jobs (and back again), that number is plausible.

The Peninsula News stated that the City Council agreed a “soldier pile wall” at the site would prolong the life of the road about 50 years at a cost of at least a half a million dollars. Construction is estimated to begin in about 18 to 24 months.

More information on the Bluff Cove landslide can be accessed by clicking here for the Palos Verdes Estates City Council Agenda and going to page 15.

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