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Palos Verdes Tennis Club was conceived in the late 50’s when many residents of Palos Verdes Peninsula were interested in playing tennis and had no public courts where they could play.   In April of 1959, a small group started a phone campaign to get people to attend a meeting at Malaga School to discuss the possibility of a tennis facility.  Finally in 1961 an agreement was signed between the City of Palos Verdes Estates, and the Palos Verdes Tennis Club. In order to build the courts, $350 was needed from some 150 prospective members.  It was difficult to raise all the money needed, so memberships were sold to non-PVE residents. 

Finally on July 20, 1963, five courts and a small pro-shop were opened.  Three additional courts were built in 1965, and courts 9 & 10 were added in 1971.  Finally the last courts 11 & 12 were added in 1978.  The clubhouse was presented to the city in 1970.  Today the club has 10 lighted courts for evening play. 

Currently, there is no waiting list.  The initiation fee is $2000 (which can be broken down to a  payment plan).  The monthly fee is $65.  The Palos Verdes Tennis Club has use of the spacious main clubhouse with men’s and women’s locker rooms. Palos Verdes Tennis Club is located at 3303 Via Campesina, Palos Verdes Estates 90274.  For more information contact the Palos Verdes Tennis Club at (310) 373-6326 or click here.

Photo courtesy of the Palos Verdes Tennis Club

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