Do You Want A Free Palos Verdes Real Estate Listingbook Account?

After recently completing a Listingbook Champions Program, I am a Listingbook Certified Agent for Palos Verdes homes.  I can now create accounts for my clients to search the Multiple Listing Service data 24/7 just like I do.  For example, I can create a search for a client looking for Palos Verdes real estate in a particular price range and area.  Then, the client can go into their Listingbook account and change their own parameters and even city!

This is a big change from the traditional MLS searches which are are not interactive for the client as I am the only person who can change search critera in that system.  With your Listingbook account, you can still receive automatic notification of price reductions and new listings.  My clients are loving this new system.  Please let me know if you would like me to set up a complimentary account for you, too.

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