365 Things To Do In Palos Verdes – Celebrate National Public Gardens Day

Did you know that National Public Gardens Day is May 6th?  People across the nation will be celebrating by visiting their local public gardens.  Here on the Peninsula we have our very own South Coast Botanic Gardens which I love to visit to relax and enjoy the seasonal blooms.  Palos Verdes  homes owners also do a wonderful job of landscaping their yards which inspires the gardner in all of us.  The current trend seems to be growing more plants which thrive in their natural environment and tend to use less water.

National public gardens help to protect some of the most rare and endangered plants that are native to certain areas.  Here in Palos Verdes we are fortunate to have several organizations like the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy that protect our hillsides and help keep our areas preserved for future generations.

It is said that gardens can teach us.  I think this is true.  The overwhelming beauty of nature in Palos Verdes inspires us and lifts our spirits.  It is also very relaxing.  So take a minute or two and celebrate the beauty around you.  Enjoy your own backyard and see if you, too, can create a thriving yard using just a little less water.

Photo courtesy of Arvin Design

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