365 Things To Do In Palos Verdes – Join Your Local Disaster District Program

Our beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula is not immune from natural disasters.  Palos Verdes homes owner should be aware of how to respond during a disaster (whether fire, flood or earthquake) and of the basic emergency training programs that are available to us.  Every city on the Peninsula has some sort of volunteer organization that will play an integral role to support response and recovery operations during a disaster.  In some areas the tasks that are needed will include helping to provide patient care and triage, completing damage inspection reports, assisting with emergency communication and disseminating public information within the community.

In Rolling Hills/Rolling Hills Estates and other areas with horses, residents should be aware of preparations that should be  made for their animals.  Every household should have provisions such as food and water stored for up to a 72 hour period.  Just like your household members, pets should also have enough supplies to get them through three days.  The City of Rolling Hills Estates has a disaster preparedness meeting the fourth Wednesday or every month in their city council chambers at 7:30 p.m.

Another component of neighborhood safety is the Amateur Radio Team (NART) which can provide communication to cities through Ham Radio Communication.  During a disaster, phones, internet and television connections become significantly overwhelmed and ineffective.  NART is made up of volunteers which will help pass communications on to the community.

For more information on disaster preparedness or to volunteer, contact your local city websites: www.pvestates.orgwww.palosverdes.com/rpv/emergency – www.ci.rolling-hills-estates.ca.us.

Photo courtesy of Palos Verdes City Hall

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