Palos Verdes Hidden Gems – Miraleste Trails & Pocket Parks

Miraleste Trail Map, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Palos Verdes homes owners seem to have it all here on the Peninsula.  We have beautiful ocean views, lots of green hillsides and many miles of public trails for our enjoyment.

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes Newsletter Spring 2012 Edition contained an article regarding the” Hidden Gems” located here that made up of hidden trails and pocket parks that are being constantly maintained.  While most of us are familiar with our larger city parks such as Hesse Park, the Point Vicente Interpretive Center and our large preserves, many of us do not realize that there are areas located within the city that are owned and maintained by the Miraleste Recreation and Parks District which is an independent special district.  This District was formed in 1940 before the City was incorporated when the Palos Verdes Homes Association deeded 60 acres to the District for park and recreational purposes.  Most of the area consists of canyons behind the homes in the Miraleste area of the city and other adjacent hilly terrain.  The goal was to beautify and improve the Miraleste community, provide more park and recreational areas and develop trails that run through the canyons. The trails are hidden from view, but can be accessed from most neighborhood streets and public roads.  These trails are only intended to be used as hiking trails and most of them are moderate in difficulty.  Here are a list of some of the pocket parks:

Frog Pond Park (near the intersection of Palos Verdes Drive East & Via Colinita), Harter Park (near the intersection of Via Colinita & Via La Paloma), Miltenberger Park (near the intersection of Mialeste Drive & Via Colinita), Canada Park (near the terminus of Via Canada), Colinita Trail (accessed from Palos Verdes Drive East near Via Subida), Frascati Trail (accessed from Palos Verdes Drive East near Via Frascati), Siena Loop Trail (accessed from Via La Paloma), Miraleste Median (runs along the Miraleste Drive median), Canada S. Trail (acceessed from the intersection of Palos Verdes Drive East and Miraleste Drive), Canada N. Trail (accessed from Via Canada near Palos Verdes Drive East) and Lorraine Trail (accessed from Lorraine Road or the Canada S. Trail).

Trails and park maps are available at the Miraleste Recreation and Parks District building at #19 Miraleste Plaza, Rancho Palos Verdes, or click here (and then click on “Miraleste Recreation & Parks District Amenities Map” on the upper right-hand side under “Recreation & Parks Quick Links.”

Photo courtesy of the City of Rancho Palos Verdes

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