Terranea Resort In Palos Verdes Celebrates Fifth Anniversary!

Terranea Resort In Palos Verdes Celebrates Fifth Anniversary!

Terranea Resort 5th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday, I attended a reception in honor of Terranea’s Fifth Anniversary Celebration.  It was held at Terranea Resort on the lawn overlooking the ocean.  The weather was perfect, the food was delicious and it was good to see so many familiar faces.  I am happy for their success and have enjoyed the Resort on many occasions – as a hotel guest, a restaurant patron, a spa guest and an attendee at several events and fundraisers.

Terranea has always welcomed the area residents even when we just want to stroll the grounds and take the beauty of the resort and the ocean.  There is a great walking path along the bluff that goes down to the private beach with its own cave!  Terranea Resort is still offering its TerraNeighbor 25% discount when making room reservations to local residents who must present identification at check-in to show a 90274 or 90275 zip code.  They tell me it is strictly enforced!

Here are some interesting Terranea facts:

  • It took 17 years to complete Terranea
  • $480 million is the cost of Terranea’s project development
  • Terranea has 270 degrees of panoramic ocean view
  • 4.2 million dining guests have been served
  • 228 fire pits or fireplaces are scattered around the resort
  • 1,200 Terranea employees (and another 300+ jobs for contract workers)
  • 580,000 room nights booked since opening
  • 25+ community charities Terranea has partnered with or supported each year
  • $13,000,000 Transient Occupancy Tax dollars have been remitted to the city of Rancho Palos Verdes
  • 45 mature trees preserved and replanted from Marineland
  • 114,000 spa treatments performed since opening
  • 124,000 rounds of golf played
  • 411 wedding celebrations at the resort

Photo courtesy of Terranea Resort

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