Palos Verdes Peninsula Mandated Water Use Restrictions

Palos Verdes Peninsula Mandated Water Use Restrictions

Photo courtesy of Arvin Design

Palos Verdes homes owners are searching for ways to conserve water.  Governor Brown issued an executive order calling for a mandatory statewide water use reduction of 25% and the State Water Resources Control Board has been drafting regulations proposing that the Palos Verdes Peninsula which includes four cities and lots of green space, reduce their water usage by 36% beginning June 1, 2015.  They will reevaluate the percentage of reduction in February 2016.

All consumers in our area will be given an individualized water budget that will state the amount of water they may use each month without incurring higher costs.  It will based on the units of water that the residential customer used in 2013.  This should appear on your water bill soon and can be obtained now at the website.  A drought surcharge will be applied to each CCF used above your allotted budget with charges of $9.54 per unit exceeded.

There are several reasons you can appeal your allotment – health or safety reasons, economic needs, additional occupants or if you have already significantly achieved long term water savings.  To appeal, go to  You will also be able to bank the unused units of your water allotment for use in future months going forward.  The water restrictions now put in place require that landscape irrigation be no more than three days a week.  No hardscape watering, no water fountains except with a recirculating system, no washing of motor vehicles unless using a shut off nozzle, no watering for 48 hours after measurable rainfall, no filling or re-filling of pools/spas except to maintain operating levels and after structural repairs.  If you are notified of a water leak you must repair it within five business days.

According to California Water Service, Palos Verdes Irrigation Schedule is between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.  Even Street Addresses may water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Odd Street Address may water Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

Water waste violations are: 1st reported violation –  you will be given written notice to install a real time water measurement device; – 2nd reported violation you will be given notice plus a $5o fee; – 3rd reported violation you will be given a notice plus $50 fee and 4th reported violation you will be given written notice plus authorization to install a flow restriction device on your service line.

If you are looking for some conservation or rebate ideas, here are just a few being offered by Cal Water: High efficiency clothes washer rebates, smart irrigation controller rebate, water smart turf removal rebate and the water use efficiency evaluation program.  Also to help save water around your home Cal Water has partnered with for single family accounts, and they are giving away free spray nozzles. Click here for Cal Water forms with rebate information, and information on how to get your free sprinkler nozzles.

Photo above courtesy of Arvin Designs.

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