Palos Verdes Advanced Rally AKC Competition Classes

Palos Verdes Advanced Rally AKC Competition Classes

Palos Verdes homes owners who want to participate in the Advanced Rally ALC Dog Competition classes can do so  right here on the Peninsula.  After years of watching these trained dogs on television, many of us wish our pets had the opportunity for this type of local training.  Lomita Obedience Training Club, a non-profit organization, and Advanced Rally ALC Competition classes are being offered for pet owners who already know the rally novice stations and are ready to learn and/or practice advance and excellent stations.  These classes are designed to prepare you to compete in obedience and rally. You will develop the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to enter and show your dog.  These include ring procedure, handling and knowledge of the required exercises.

Description: This class is designed to give you and your dog a fun way to practice and polish basic obedience skills as you and your dog work through a course of written signs that require precision and teamwork.  This 6-week course will introduce you to the signs, show you how to time treat delivery to build drive and confidence in your dog and teach you the skills needed to successfully compete in the Rally AKC competition events.  It’s a great way to build obedience skills and a closer relationship with your canine companion!

Requirements: Completion of Beginning Companion Dog (obedience & manners) class.  These classes are designed to help you teach your dogs or puppies the behaviors, skills and manners they need to become good companions.  You will learn and practice training techniques based on positive reinforcement such as marking behavior, verbal praise, and food rewards.  These classes are being offered weekly and more information is available by clicking here.

Advanced Rally ALC Dog Competition classes are 6 weeks long and will be held at Ernie Howlett Park (flat area near the horse barns) in Rolling Hills Estates, on Friday’s beginning on March 10, 2017.  The class fees are $85.00/each.  For more information on the class, time and to sign up go to

Photo courtesy of Lomita Obedience Training Club.

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