Palos Verdes Fireworks – Keep The Tradition Alive!

Palos Verdes Fireworks – Keep The Tradition Alive!


Palos Verdes home owners were sad to hear that last year might be the last of the barge fireworks display.  After Jackie Briles passed away at the age of 95, her sons decided to do a final send off with a more robust fireworks show last year (2016), that even had a soundtrack going of her favorite oldies.  In 2001, Jackie started treating her friends and family to the Independence Fireworks show to honor her late patriotic husband, Paul Briles, the founder of a leading aerospace fastener company in Gardena.  It all started when she couldn’t see around the coastline from her South Torrance home to view the fireworks show at King Harbor, so she decided to pay for her own.  After that first show, she decided that she wanted to continue the pattern every year, even negotiating with the City of Torrance over security fees.  After last year’s show, Robert Briles was asked if he and his brother would be continuing the show, and they responded saying they would not be and hoped that someone would start a committee to keep it going.

Well that has finally happened.  A small group of residents led by Rick & Carri Bender, decided to try to continue the Briles family’s fireworks show.  After years of enjoying these local fireworks with their sons and friends, it seemed this family tradition needed to be continued.  They reached out to the City, and the pyrotechnic company to see what needed to be done to make it happen.  After months of research, filing applications for tax identication, corporate filings and other legal requirements, Palos Verdes Fireworks was established.

The Palos Verdes Fireworks Committee is actively seeking sponsors to support this privately sponsored event.  If funding is fulfilled, this year’s fireworks display will be held on July 4, 2017, from a barge off the shores of the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  The committee is dedicated to maintaining and expanding this show for many years to come.  To read more about this wonderful opportunity to keep this tradition alive, go to  All donations of any amount to help support this family fun entertainment will be appreciated.

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