Palos Verdes AYSO 2020 New Fall Soccer Information!

Palos Verdes AYSO 2020 New Fall Soccer Information!

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Palos Verdes AYSO Soccer (Region 10) is changing its registration process a bit. If you have already registered, you are all set. If you haven’t registered yet, when you will register it will be under a “waitlist” with no requirement to pay until a start date has been determined. After the start date has been set, you will receive an email asking you to “finish” registering your child by submitting your payment. This process allows you to sign up your child without actually paying yet and allows you to make your final decision closer to the actual start date. The home page at will show the division and age slots.

When it is determined that play can begin, AYSO ‘s goal is that they will have all protocols in place. The guidelines are being developed by the Department of Health, school districts and city governments at this time. They are hoping that the players will not be required to wear masks during games, but other procedures will be in place such as no handshakes and all spectators must be spaced 6 feet apartment. Even if face masks are not mandatory, a child may still choose to wear one.  Stay tuned for their final decision.

Some of the options that are now being considered are:

Starting in early September and ending mid-December with a full season of games and playoffs –

Start in late September or early October and end mid-December with a shortened schedule –

Start in January and ending in February with a shortened schedule.

As you can see there are quite a few optional situations at this time. Hopefully decisions will be made soon, and we can get our children back to some physical activities that they enjoy. As always, if you are interested in volunteering, you will find the required paperwork on the registration site.  Since AYSO is a 100% volunteer organization, they are always looking for volunteers to fill coach and referee positions.

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