Tai Chi In The Garden At South Coast Botanic Garden

The South Coast Botanic Garden is offering a series of winter classes on Chen Bing Taiji (Tai Chi), Saturday mornings beginning March 15, 2014.  These classes will be held from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. and will continue through May.  This is a great opportunity for Palos Verdes homes owners to get a little exercise while enjoying these beautiful gardens.  Classes will be held at the Koi Pond Patio by Master Bosco Baek, the only disciple in America of Master Chen Bing and the direct descendant of its creator Chen Wanting!  This gives you the opportunity to exercise in a natural setting instead of a studio environment and you will feel the peace and energy of the gardens around you.  The pace and difficultly of these classes are appropriate for most individuals.

Taiji (meaning grand ultimate) is a Chinese soft style internal martial art used for centuries in health, healing and longevity.  Chen Taiji is a holistic training method used to cultivate a strong body, mind and spirit through techniques of mental concentration with coordinated breath and body movements.  Some of the benenfits include a deeper sense of natural breathing along with a concentrated and tranquil mind.  This is said to be a suitable practice for all ages of students.

The cost for these sessions is only $110 for members and $120 for non members. To sign up or for more information go to www.southcoastbotanicgarden.org .

Photo courtesy of Arvin Design

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